We are the web generation

Cursief is a pool of web-veterans with years of experience creating websites, webshops and webapps. Being part of a collective gives us a lot of flexibility on what kind of projects we can take on and our members scale depending on what you need for your company and project.

You probably have a lot of questions, right? We created an FAQ to clear things up for you.

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We like to be transparent about who you’re hiring. Below you’ll find a list of highly skilled professionals for you to choose from. Only pay who you’re gonna need.

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  • Tamara Duijvestijn, Copywriter



    Analytical & problem solver

    I'm a dedicated and loyal person, always looking for ways to improve myself and others in the process. I have a masters degree in language and culture.
  • Murtada al Mousawy, Full-stack developer

    al Mousawy

    Full-stack developer

    Smart & dedicated

    I focus on keeping the code jungle from growing wild by finding the right tool for the right job, advising the team on how to strategize for the next feature and writing clean, maintainable code myself.
  • Gideon Heilbron, Front-end developer


    Front-end developer

    Flexible, creative & precise

    My specialty is bridging the gap between design and code. My framework of choice is Vue.js for writing clean and clear components, while using BEM and SCSS.
  • Kaleigh Hunter, Copywriter



    Creative & versatile

    I write to highlight each project's personality and goals through clear and unique copy; always working hard to keep learning and improving my trade. English is my native language.
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    We are always on the lookout for new members to join Cursief!

    Interested? Contact us at hello@cursief.co and check out the FAQ page to answer most of your questions.

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Members of Cursief have worked for a wide variety of clients in many different sectors. Big, small, start-up, enterprise, your company – everything is possible!

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