What is Cursief?

Cursief makes it easier for businesses to find a team of professionals, with different skills, who work great together.

Members of Cursief are individual freelancers who have varied professional backgrounds with their own strengths and expertise, in the fields of web development, web design, digital marketing and copywriting.

As a future client, you're able to control the team structure and know who you're going to be working with up-front.

Two men and two women manning different positions of an abstract machine made up of big cogs.

For members

  • Members of Cursief have more visibility and a higher chance of getting new job offers. The client-picked team members who are going to be working together have a professional history together and will form a stronger coordinated team.

  • Nope! Cursief was created because we feel that recruitment agencies do not fully understand our profession and misrepresent our strengths. We are a network of professionals who understand the industry and want to provide our services directly to the client, cutting out the middle man.

    With our transparent hiring process both the team and the client will have more control over the cooperation during the entirety of the project.

  • For your profile on our website, we require:

    • a portrait photo of yourself;
    • your current professional title;
    • a few personal traits;
    • a short bio that describes you as a professional.

    Lastly, we want to get to know you better! We always seek to have a diverse mix of people with great synergy, so meeting in person and having a few chats would be awesome!

  • Nope! Nothing, nada!

    We keep this easy and simple. We don't expect members to pay any fees: being a part of Cursief will create more opportunities to get hired, and that's all we want!

For (future) clients

  • It's an easier way to connect! A collective is a network, or "pool" of passionate professionals who want to collaborate with others in their field.

    We strive to have a diverse mix of members to accommodate for various needs and positions in your projects.

  • We've already done that work for you! At Cursief, there is a pool of great professionals with diverse skill sets waiting for you. Creating your dream-team is easy!

    You don't have to spend time approaching various people, figuring out if they are available, and if they have the right knowledge for the job – we've already got you covered!

    When a selected member isn't available, we will personally recommend a great alternative from our own collective.

  • After we've received your application and the project has been reviewed by the team, a primary contact will be assigned. They will be your main source of contact. That's it!

  • Cursief's primary goal is to make contacting professionals easy and simple, with no unnecessary steps in between.

    You'll sign separate contracts with each team member and they will in turn invoice you independently.